Qui est Doudou Malin?

Doudou Malin is the story of a little fox that runs through the whole of France passionately in search of originals, soft, playful, innovative... baby comforters.

Doudou Malin is born with the desire to help parents in their search for a replacement baby comforter, lost or too worn, which often is not available in stores.
We offer thousands carefully quality baby comforters, new or in perfect condition and all identified to facilitate your search:
Doudou and companie, Moulin roty, Nattou, Noukie's, Mots d'enfants, Nicotoy Kaloo, Bengy, Clothe, Baby'nat, Histoire d'ours, Disney baby, Pommette, Tex baby, Bout'chou, Doukidou, Kimbaloo, Lilliputiens , Les Petites Marie, Sauthon ...

You also get help if you can not find the baby comforter on our site, you can post your ad and we'll relay to the Doudou Malin community ready to help. We will also make every effort to find it for you.

Aware of the urgency of the situation, the baby comforter is sent rapidly in a particularly good packaging.

With Doudou Malin is so easy to find a baby comforter !