Comforter : All our advice to choose it well

What's more important in a child's life than his comforter ? Doudou Malin explains how to choose, maintain and advise you to avoid loss !

His role

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The conforter is a transitional object that allows the child to fight against the anguish of separation especially at bedtime. In the company of his comforter, the child keeps a link with his environment. The smell, unique to each, reassures him by reminding him of his mother, his house...
The child will usually choose his comforter around 5 months to end up separated at a very variable age, usually around 6 years sometimes later.
The conforter will be one of the most important objets of the child, so it is important to choose it carefully !


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1 - Safety : The comforter must imperatively be standardized and suitable for children under 36 months. Privilege a solid and quality comforter since it will have a hard life !  

2 - The right size : The comforter must be easily caught its ends ( ear, tail, label...). It should not be too big otherwise it would take up all the space in the bed, nor too small at the risk of falling throug the bars. 

3 - Washing : We recommend that you always wash a comforter after purchase. It is also better to choose a conforter that will wash and dry quickly ( 30° in a pillow case / hypoallergenic laundry + special baby softener) to prevent tears. Tips : If you have several soft toys, do not hesitate to alternate so that the child always has one, or to wash the comforter during his sleep provided that he is back to the alarm clock ! Frequency : 1 / month unless it gets durty faster.

4 - Softness : The comforter will accompany for a long time the child, as much as you please !  Its first quality will be to be soft and pleasant to the touch. Tip : If you want your child to adopt a particular cuddly toy, it is advisable to sleep with a few days while the comforter is imbued with your smell. So he will have a better chance of beoing accepted !

Different forms

- Baby comforter : It's the must ! A square of veloudoux fabric surmonted by an animal's head and four knots at the ends. Easy to catch, the baby comforter is sometimes equipped with a pacifier clip or a teething ring. It has the perfect size for the first months of the child.

- Soft toy : Most of them are animals such as rabbit, elephant, bear... There are all sizes. It is desirable to choose a soft toy adapted to the age and size of the child. The smallest are 15 cm, the most common size is 25 cm, and there are up to 100 cm !

- Handpuppet : This is our favourite ! The handpuppet makes it possible to establish a particular relationship with the child. In velvet, one slips one's hand there to amuse the child or to make soft caresses to him. The handpuppet can provide a pedagogical approach with the child when it is bigger.

- Doll : It's not just for girls ! Light and soft, the doll is perfect to accompany the child in his adventures.

- Pacifinder : With a small strap to attach the soother, it is very pratical and lighweight. It is smaller than the baby comforter and comes most often in addition to an other comforter.

choisir doudou

Be planning !

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- A second comforter: It is essential ! If you can still find some in the store, do not hesitate. The emergency comforter will prove very practical in case of loss / wear or if the crib asks you for a double.

- Limitez les risques : If you only have one comforter, think to the bag during the outings ! Take some pictures of the comforter to identify it more easily in case of loss, do not hesitate to put your phone number directly on the label of the blanket.

- In case of loss : Do not panic, Doudou Malin is here ! Use our search engine to find the identical comforter according to its shape, mark or color. We offer comforters that were sold in 2005 ! If unfortunately the comforter was no longer available, do not hesitate to subscribe to the alert directly on the product sheet to be notified of his return home.